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Toby – International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and all day long, blogs, tweets and articles have been asking me which women I admire most. It would be easy to name any of a thousand pioneering souls who broke glass ceilings, gave their lives for the cause, wrote words…

Scotland referendum – the morning after

…as the new flag of Zimbabwe was raised, the country of my childhood ceased to be. It was erased forever from the map… I felt as if my last support had been knocked from underneath me. My head kept telling me it was a stupid reaction but something in the pit of my stomach mourned for that sense of belonging. I felt rootless.

Cover of Cook's Timetable, 1888

Thomas Cook Publishing – End of the Line

News broke yesterday that Thomas Cook is pulling out of publishing, the latest in a long line of guidebook publishing disasters over the last few years. Thomas Cook Publishing hasn’t been one of the biggest players of recent years in comparison to names like Lonely…


- 2018

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