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Scotland referendum – the morning after

…as the new flag of Zimbabwe was raised, the country of my childhood ceased to be. It was erased forever from the map… I felt as if my last support had been knocked from underneath me. My head kept telling me it was a stupid reaction but something in the pit of my stomach mourned for that sense of belonging. I felt rootless.

Elderly tourists in a small boat off the coast of Norway, with mountains in background

Rocking those tea shops – travel and the over-50s

A little while ago, I was asked to consult for a PR company who were pitching for a new tourist office client. One of the target markets was the over-50s. The 23-year-old who’d been tasked with coming up with a list of suitable ways of…

I Remember – Dad

  I remember potmess picnics at Inyanga with Dad crouched over the gas stove opening tins of Fray Bentos beef and tinned peas into the saucepan I remember being tickled mercilessly until I screamed at him to stop I remember the terrific telling-off I got…

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