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Melissa Shales

Garden with patio and wisteria

My Immigrant Garden

….basking blissfully under the wisteria with a cup of Earl Grey yesterday, it occurred to me that I really didn’t need to go that far to go round the world – all I needed to do was to go to the end of the garden path.

Two designer gowns in the Gattinoni studio


Rome was important in my life – standing in the Forum at the age of 8 with my mother telling me the story of how Julius Caesar was killed by his best friend was the exact moment when I ‘got’ history and decided to become an…

Group of women standing in front of a bandstand in a park

Past Life Flashes

I was at school with Claudette from the ages of 4 to 18 and Carol from 5 to 10. Kathy moved to town when she was 10 and became my best friend for the rest of our school days. Glenn was my first ever boyfriend…

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